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Apr 6, 2012

24 Blocks - site assignments

Here are the assignments for our 24 Blocks final project.

Note a few changes on the map. There are 2 sites we are not using: #1 and #16. Site #9 is divided up for two people.

The following sites are not claimed (as there are more writers than photographers). If anyone wants extra credit, you can do this assignment a second time at one of these sites: 6, 7, 13, 17, 18, 20, 22, 25. Tell me beforehand — first come, first served.

1. College Camp
Erin O. 2. Hunt Union and athletic fields
Jenna 3. Bugbee Childcare Center and nearby
Hartwick student 4. Center Street School and nearby blocks
Michele 5. Upper Hartwick campus: classroom buildings, gym, athletic fields, Table Rock
______ 6. Lower Hartwick campus: classroom buildings, Dewar union, dorms
______ 7. Exit 13: water treatment plant, bus barn and Susquehanna river park
Kara O 8. Chestnut St. West Oneonta commercial strip
Alexa 9a. Antique mall and Nick’s Diner area on Chestnut
Krista 9b. Railroad yard area off Fonda Ave. and Roundhouse Rd.
Sam 10. Chestnut St. from West to Church commercial and residential
Colleen 11. Public library, Huntington Park, church, commercial and residential near Chestnut
Erin E. 12. Main St. north side, from Chestnut to Ford
______ 13. Main St. south side down to Market St.
Jake 14. Main St south: City Hall, Grummons funeral home, graveyard, stores on South Main, residential
Tomoyo 15. YMCA, Wilber Mansion, commercial on Ford and Main
16. Three churches and gas station, Main, Elm, Walnut, Maple
______ 17. Residential blocks between Walnut and Center
______ 18. Residential blocks between Center and Cedar
Kacy 19. Fox hospital, Fox nursing home, Red Door church, Friendly’s, residential
______ 20. Glenwood cemetery, pet clinic
Matt 21. Neahwa Park
______ 22. Home Depot and Hannaford area including Susquehanna river
Pat 23. Neptune Diner, Denny’s, Susquehanna river dam, abandoned house in woods
Jesse 24. Railroad Ave hidden industrial area, factories and houses mixed together.
______ 25. Walmart area and trailer park behind it

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