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Mar 27, 2012

Street photography readings and links

READING Assignments:
Each group is responsible for doing one of the following readings. You need to be prepared to summarize the main points for class on Thursday. Be ready to explain:
  • How photographers capture the Decisive Moment.
  • What are some elements of good street photos?
  • What are some key tips for creating them?
Group 1. Cartier-Bresson, Henri. Study the photos in a book by HCB.

Group 2. Howarth, Sophie. Street Photography Now. Pages 9-15 plus excerpts. (This reading is in the class pickup folder on SpaceInvaders. Or read the book in Fine Arts 221.)

Group 3. 2Point8. Ways of Working:

Group 4. Recent discussions from the Street Photography Now forum:
DUE DATE: Thurs. 3/29 in class.

PHOTO IDEA Assignment:
Browse some contemporary street photography. Post 1 photo on your photo idea page. Here are some good sites:

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  1. Group 4 Discussion
    .No predetermined agenda
    .issue of life
    .about seeing and reacting
    .split-second to recognize and react
    .empathy to subject matter